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SolutionEngineers Enterprises, LLC.
Incorporated 1999
An Arizona Corporation

The company was founded in 1999 as a Research and Development Company to bring new concepts to life. Producing practical solutions for problems old and new.

The company was founded based on the concept that strong companies are built on human relationships first and products or services, secondly.


“How can we improve the lives of others?”


We Research, Design, Patent and Develop 

Turn Key Manufacturing

Processes/Sources for Licensees.

Making It With LOWE'S

Thomas Barnhill, QuikSizer Instant Diameter Gauge
United States Marine (Retired)

What inspired the QuikSizer Instant Diameter Gauge? The patented tool started life as a tool for jewelers, “The Jewelers’ Gauge,” providing a laser-accurate measurement for ring-sizing so a ring wouldn’t become stuck on a client’s finger. It replaces jewelers’ common ring-sizing loops (usually 27 loops on a chain), which are bulky, with a handy tool that conveniently fits inside a shirt pocket. With dual laser calibrations, it also measures and holds gemstones.

The nuts, bolts, plumbing and electrical markets are much larger than the jewelry market. So the next logical step was to create a QuikSizer for nuts, bolts, pipe and tubing. It was a simple matter of changing the scales to meet Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and metric standards by laser engraving the dual scales, which are verified to a certified machinist pin set for accuracy.

All parts of the QuikSizer, including the packaging, are made and assembled entirely in the US to create more job opportunities for our neighbors and veterans.

In addition to earning coveted space on and in Lowe’s stores, Thomas received a marketing development and vendor mentorship package, as well as a $55,000 Lowe’s Small Business Grant.

Watch now to learn more about Thomas and the QuikSizer, which was named the top product in 2021.

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INSTANT DIAMETER GUAGE – Measure standard and metric sizes up to 1.125″ or 28mm,  Instantly.

  • Durable
  • Inexpensive
  • Small & Light Weight
  • Customizing Available

A Leader In The Industry

SolutionEngineers Enterprises, Inc. has teamed with carefully screened companies throughout the Southwestern United States that are the best in their field of expertise, to bring you the end-user products of the highest possible quality at the best possible price. These companies manufacture components of our products and or assemble them as well, all in the USA.

    QuikSizer Measuring Instruments are 100% Made in the USA

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